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    All of our completed museum quality model wooden ships are painstakingly handcrafted from scratch, not kits, by extremely skilled and experienced artisans.

  • While the model ships wait to be shipped they stay organized on shelves in the warehouse

  • A wood frame is used to protect the model boat from breaking when the box is accidentally tipped up side down, dropped or has a heavy object put on it.



  • Each model is fully assembled and carefully packaged in a wood crate

  • Styro-foam is used to keep the ship stable inside the frame

  • We use nylon cord to secure the boat inside the crate of wood

  • Some simple ship models and model yachts are individually bubble wrapped. We then package the ship model securely with styro-foam and peanut-foam for added protection. For model boats and yacht models with simple details, the masts are laid down flat for safe shipping purposes. All riggings come with the masts also. It only takes about 10-15 minutes to reassemble the mast to the ship model, to do this no tools are needed!

  • Your model boat is then ready for safe and secure shipping