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San Felipe Model Ship - T063

Price: $547.00

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San Felipe Model Sailing Ship

The lead ship of the Spanish Armada, the magnificent and distinguished San Felipe, was renowned as one of the most beautiful and ornate ships of the 17th century. Launched in 1690, the San Felipe was entrusted with a variety of duties of which she performed during the war against the British and French.

She helped to protect the beloved Spanish settlements and harbors, transport riches and treasures, and safeguard the long and hazardous passage back to the Spanish ports.

Although a perilous warship, the San Felipe was balanced with beauty and design. She was unique in a class of warships, showcasing her intricately adorned stern with a variety of transversely positioned statues. Her distinctively slim profile and wide spread of magnificent sails graced her with great maneuverability and agility.

In1705, San Felipe engaged in a furious battle where the sizable British Fleets twelve to thirty five outnumbered the Spanish ships. After 24 hours of gruesome battle, an English ship eventually captured the San Felipe leading to her demise.

The San Felipe acquiring severe and gruesome damage slowly sank to the bottom of the ocean with her treasure of several tons of gold still trapped in her cargo below.

Remember this remarkable and one of a kind warship with this remarkable wooden model tall ship the San Felipe.


Side of San Felipe Side of San Felipe Side of San Felipe
Side of San Felipe Side of San Felipe Side of San Felipe
Side of San Felipe Back of San Felipe Back of San Felipe
Front of San Felipe Front of San Felipe Back of San Felipe
Back of San Felipe Back of San Felipe Details of San Felipe
Front of San Felipe Middle of San Felipe Back of San Felipe

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Price: $547.00
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