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Plank on Frame Construction

At, we only sell the best handcrafted wooden model ships. Most of them take hundreds of hours to construct, in addition, they take extensive historical research to be finally completed. Our ship models are constructed according to scale by unique plans, drawings, and pictures using the unique and painstaking plank on frame construction. Just the way that the original ships were constructed. Please visit our Model Ship Building Tour to view our master craftsmen constructing our ship models.

1. To build our wood model ships that are entirely constructed by hand, hardworking artisans must construct a sturdy and correctly aligned frame for the model ships hull.

2. Skinny planks of treated wood are connected one by one to the hull of the boats frame.

3. When the plank on frame hull is done, tiny sections of wood are attached to the outside of the hull, finishing the look of the model ships hull.

4 . Below is an example of a completed plank on frame hull on one of our Cruise Ships.

5. Below are some finished ship model hulls in various woods and finishes.